Crooked teeth? You can go with braces, which utilize a series of wires, brackets, and bands attached to your teeth or you can choose the less invasive process of Invisalign treatments. This method uses clear plastic molds you wear over your teeth which are designed to be largely undetectable. Simply snap the mouthpiece into place and the invisalign tray will shift your teeth into the proper position over time.

The time necessary for receiving Invisalign treatments depends largely on how much work needs to be done on your teeth in addition to the commitment of the patient to using the trays as prescribed by their dental professional. Here are five tips to make sure you get the most out of your treatments and show off the smile you deserve sooner.


It doesn’t get any more basic than simply wearing the trays when instructed. That’s the only way you can benefit from them and it means keeping them in your mouth for as long as possible. The longer you wear them, the quicker your invisalign treatment can cease, so plan on wearing them for 22 hours a day.


Some patients may experience a change in their speech, with a lisp becoming pronounced in everyday conversation. Don’t worry, this will go away. But not if you take the tray out of your mouth to be understood more clearly. Practice speaking while wearing the trays, otherwise, you’ll never overcome the lisp while it’s on your teeth.


Much like with the lisp in your speech, there will be a transition period of slight discomfort for the first week you wear each new set of trays. Patients rarely feel any pain and the mild irritation they do feel usually subsides the longer they wear their trays. It’s all about getting used to having a foreign object in the mouth and, rest assured, you will acclimate to these new sensations to the point of forgetting it’s even there.


Despite removing the trays when you eat and drink you will need to watch what foods you consume so that you don’t damage or stain the trays. Even if you brush your teeth right after you eat, drinking dark-colored liquids like coffee or red wine can eventually stain or discolor the trays. That can reduce their invisibility to the naked eye when you are wearing them. So you may want to give up some of these things just while you’re getting treatment.

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