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All-On-Four in Taylor, TX

All-On-Four in Taylor, TX


For patients who have already lost their teeth or for those that need to have their teeth extracted for whatever reason, dentures can literally be a lifesaver. But now, thanks to modern dental technology, denture wearers have an even better option: All-on-Four implant-supported prosthetic teeth. These lifelike replacement teeth are anchored to dental implants at the back of the mouth. The prosthetic teeth look just like natural teeth, and, better yet, they function just like normal teeth! Patients can even maintain them in the same way they would natural teeth, by brushing and flossing. We are pleased to offer this revolutionary dental technology to our patients from throughout the Taylor, TX, area.

How All-on-Four “Teeth in a Day” Works

Rather than old-fashioned dentures – which were often ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and slipped while the patient wore them – implant-supported prosthetic teeth function just like the patient’s natural teeth would. With these remarkable dental appliances, there are no restrictions with regard to what food the patient eats. No ” slipping ” often occurs with traditional dentures, so the patient can feel confident in speaking, laughing, smiling, and generally enjoying a normal life.


Your dentist will use the minimum number of implants needed to support a full set of upper and lower teeth – many times as few as four. Implants are comprised of an artificial root, with a porcelain crown attached at the top. The root is implanted into the patient’s jawbone. The prosthetic teeth are then attached to these implants. The replacement teeth are permanent and not removable, so it’s very much like getting a brand-new set of real teeth!

These are actually “mini” implants, which means they are easier for the dentist to implant into the jawbone, and they heal much faster than a regular implant would. In fact, the implants and the prosthetic teeth can both be completed for the patient in a single day, which is why it’s called “Teeth in a Day.”


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