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Dental Bridges in Taylor, TX

Dental Bridges in Taylor, TX


For many patients missing one or more teeth, dental bridges are an excellent choice. A bridge is made of one or more porcelain crowns that are mounted on a metal frame. The frame fits snugly over the patient’s natural teeth on each side.

If you are missing teeth – even just a single tooth – it’s important to replace those teeth as quickly as possible. If you don’t, your other teeth will shift in place to try to fill in the gap left behind by missing teeth. When your other teeth shift in place, it can result in your bite being out of alignment, something that can be painful and may damage your other teeth. People who choose to simply live with missing teeth for long periods of time can experience pain and damage to their jawbone. Missing teeth can even change the shape of a person’s face over time. For all these reasons, it’s important to replace missing teeth, and dental bridges are a great choice for many of our patients throughout the Taylor, TX, area.

What You Should Know about Dental Bridges

As we mentioned before, bridges consist of one or more porcelain crown mounted on a metal frame. Generally speaking, there are two types of bridges: those that are “fixed,” or not removable, and those that can be removed by the patient. Your dentist can help you decide which type of bridge is right for you.


A dental bridge is only one method used to replace missing teeth, but there are other choices as well. Determining whether or not a bridge is the right choice for you will depend on many variables, such as your oral hygiene routine and personal habits. The best way to decide is to talk to your dentist. He can help you determine whether a dental bridge is the best choice for you.


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