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Braces Ezbraces in Taylor, TX

Braces Ezbraces in Taylor, TX


While it’s true that the old-fashioned method used with traditional braces was effective at straightening teeth, a lot of people avoided the whole process involved with metal braces. Thinking that these appliances were either too uncomfortable to wear or took too long to work, many people chose to live with crooked teeth rather than endure wearing metal braces. That’s why we are pleased to offer our Taylor, TX, area patients with an alternative: EZBraces!

How the EZBraces System Works

The EZBraces system utilizes state-of-the-art methodologies to meet the goals of our patients and/or their parents. Rather than simply relying on one method, we use up to seven different methods that result in faster uncrowding of the patient’s teeth, shorter treatment time, and fewer adjustments. This sometimes involves use of orthopedic appliances (retainers) either before or while braces are worn. We develop an individualized bracket system for each patient, including flexible thermal active arch wires for increased safety and comfort. Because fewer adjustments are needed, you and/or your child won’t have to visit our office as often.


Our EZBraces plans are designed to meet your specific needs and expectations. We take the time to discuss goals with patients (and parents, when the patients are young) right at the start, before any procedures are done. In many instances, we can bring you or your child the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of without the need for surgery or extractions. Better still – we can often do it much faster than traditional methods!


For more information about our revolutionary EZBraces system, call our office today to make an appointment with our friendly doctors. We take the time to really get to know each of our patients and understand what their goals are. From that point on, we can develop the EZBraces plan that’s individualized just for you! We are proud to serve patients from throughout the Taylor, TX, area, and we would be pleased to welcome you to our patient family.

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