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Dentures Partials in Taylor, TX

Dentures Partials in Taylor, TX


Dental technology has come a long way over the past several years. Modern dentures/partials are, for the most part, much more comfortable than those made years ago, and they’re extremely durable as well. We understand how these dental appliances can be a life-altering experience for those who need them, which is why we’re happy to offer dentures/partials to our patients from throughout the Taylor, TX, area.

Important Information about Dentures/Partials

Generally speaking, dentures come in two varieties: partials, which are comprised of artificial teeth connected to a wire frame that is secured by existing teeth on each side; and full dentures, which is a full set of teeth attached to a top and bottom plate. Whether you need a partial or a full set of dentures, our dental professionals can ensure that your dentures are comfortable and function as close to your natural teeth as possible.


The process involved in getting a new set of dentures or partials begins with having an impression made of your existing teeth. Dental lab technicians will use this impression to make your new set of dentures/partials. If you need to have your teeth extracted, your dentist will remove your teeth a few at a time, allowing your gums to heal between visits, and making sure they are completely healed before fitting you with your new set of dentures. One of the most important steps in the process is making certain that your bite is aligned correctly and that your dentures fit as snugly and as comfortably as possible – something our dentists here at Taylor Dental Associates take a great deal of pride in doing for each patient.


To find out more information about dentures/partials, or to schedule an appointment, call our Taylor, TX, office today.

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