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Dental Implants in Taylor, TX

Dental Implants in Taylor, TX


If you are missing even a single tooth, it’s important to have it replaced. If you wait too long, your other remaining teeth will shift in place to try to fill in the gap left behind by the missing tooth. Although there are many ways to replace missing teeth, one growing popular method is dental implants. Once you learn more about these dental appliances, you’ll see why so many patients prefer to replace missing teeth using this method – because it is like getting a brand new natural tooth. We are pleased to provide dental implants in Taylor, TX, as one of the many services we offer to our patients throughout the Taylor, TX, area.

Important Information about Dental Implants

An implant consists of an artificial tooth root and a porcelain crown. The root is surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone. Once the root has fused to the bone – a process that typically takes several months – a connector is placed on top of the root, and the porcelain crown is attached to that connector. This is the most permanent solution to replacing a missing tooth. Implants are extremely durable. In fact, in most instances, implants will last for the lifetime of the patient.


While there are some exceptions, most people who are missing teeth are good candidates for implants. Those exceptions include children (dental implants are only used to replace permanent, adult teeth) and people without sufficient bone structure to hold the implant. But if you are an adult with a healthy jawbone, an implant may be the right choice for you.

In addition to replacing missing teeth, implants are also used as anchors for dentures. It’s quite common for people with dentures to experience slippage, making it difficult to chew certain foods and sometimes affecting the person’s speech. In some cases, implants can be an effective means of holding dentures in place for these patients.


Dental implants are a popular and effective way to restore your teeth structure to get a lasting smile. There are many advantages of choosing dental implants in Texas: 

  • When you have a missing tooth, the bone in that area will begin to degenerate. Dental implants in Taylor, TX, provide your jawbone with required stimulation and prevent bone loss. 
  • Implants look and feel natural, all thanks to the customized prosthetic tooth that is made to look like and blend in with your natural teeth. Implants provide stability that can restore your mouth to its optimal functioning. 
  • Dental implants, Texas are durable, so with good oral care, they can last 25 years or even a lifetime.


For more information about dental implants, or to schedule an appointment with our friendly doctors, call our Taylor, TX, office today.

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