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Technology in Taylor, TX

Technology in Taylor, TX


At Taylor Dental Associates, we know that providing excellent care for our patients means keeping up-to-date with the very latest in dental technology. That’s why we are so proud to offer these cutting-edge tools that assist us in making sure that you and your family receive the very best dental services possible.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

The amazing cone beam 3D imaging technology provides our dentists with a thorough view of the patient’s facial nerves and bone structure. The 3D dental imaging tool allows our dental professionals to make the most accurate diagnoses possible for our patients and their family members. After those diagnoses are made, we set about creating custom-made treatment plans for each individual.


For many years, getting a new porcelain crown or dental bridge meant multiple trips to the dentist office. First, an impression of the patient’s tooth had to be made, then that impression was sent to a dental lab where the appliance was created. Afterward – typically 10 to 14 days later – the patient had to return back to the dental office in order to be fitted with the new crown or bridge. But an amazing technology called CEREC® now enables our dentists to create these porcelain restorations right here in our office, while you wait! Thanks to CEREC®, you can be fitted with a new crown, bridge or dental veneers in a single trip to our office.

Intraoral Camera

When it comes to making accurate diagnoses and recommending the best treatment plans for patients, having a clear and thorough view of the patient’s mouth is crucial. Recent advancements of dental technology have given us a small but powerful dental tool called an intraoral camera. Now, our dentists have the ability to see a patient’s entire mouth in real-time on a computer screen, providing them with views that were never before possible!

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