Exercise is vital for our overall health. Whether you enjoy solitary activities like bicycling or jogging, or individual or group sports, getting an adequate amount of exercise on a regular basis can not only be enjoyable but also good for your physical and mental well-being. But when it comes to oral health, there are a few activities that are somewhat more risky than others. What follows is a list of those sports and physical activities in which you are more likely to damage your teeth:

  • Basketball – When you think of a contact sport, basketball may not come immediately to mind. After all, players aren’t required to wear any special helmets or mouth protection, so one might assume that the sport isn’t that dangerous. But the fact is that basketball players run a high risk of chipping or breaking teeth, whether from a flying elbow or falling down on the court.
  • Bicycling – Riding a bike is risky as well, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you ride on the street or engage in mountain biking. Falling off a bike can cause serious injury, and that includes the possibility of chipping, cracking, or breaking teeth.
  • Martial arts – Those who engage in karate and other martial arts are particularly susceptible to mouth injuries that can involve not only damage to teeth but also cuts and abrasions on the cheeks and lips. If you engage in any sort of martial art on a regular basis, it’s important to wear protective gear for your mouth.
  • Football – Because football players typically wear helmets and mouthguards, this sport isn’t the most dangerous on our list. Yet even though players take precautions to protect their mouths and teeth, they still run the risk of injury due to the amount of physical contact involved.
  • Hockey – Rounding out our list of most dangerous activities is hockey. Even though players wear helmets and often mouth protection as well, hockey can be an extremely dangerous sport due to contact with other players, falling down on the ice, and hockey sticks flailing about – not to mention hockey pucks flying at high speeds.

Fortunately, most sporting goods stores and many dentists offer mouthguards that can be very effective at protecting your teeth during whatever activity you choose to engage in. Remember that even though exercise is an important part of our overall health regimen, protecting your teeth and gums is equally important. Mouthguards offer and simple and inexpensive way to provide the protection you need.

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