Wearing dentures means being careful about proper maintenance and knowing when an adjustment is necessary or a repair is needed to ensure they’re working correctly.

Some of the indicators are rather obvious be it an aesthetic problem or an issue with discomfort. There are also other signs that may not be as straightforward which could lead to all kinds of potential problems for denture wearers.

So here are the most common signs that your dentures need some adjustment or even a repair to keep them looking, feeling, and working their best at all times.


Much like with your actual teeth, if one is missing that can cause significant problems. It’s the same with your dentures. Accidents happen and when they do, one or more teeth on your dentures can break or come loose. Should this occur, you don’t want to make the fix yourself. Have your dental professional do it.

In the event that any of the teeth are not broken or missing but, instead cracked or chipped in any fashion, this could result in discomfort or irritation of the gums or cheeks. You will need to have these compromised areas addressed immediately to avoid pain.


While any foreign body in your mouth is likely to be less than ideal for your overall comfort, wearing dentures should be effortless and, above all, painless. But if you notice that wearing them is causing slight soreness, pain, or other forms of discomfort during or after, there could be an issue.

Certain types of soreness or pain in various areas might be an indicator of specific problems that shouldn’t be ignored. If you are having pain or soreness from wearing dentures, talk to your dental professional about it.


Things change, your dentures and your gums are no different. If you notice that your dentures suddenly don’t adhere to the gums as easily or tightly as usual, then it might be time to have them adjusted. Don’t worry, this is a normal occurrence and you might need to have them adjusted more than once over the life of the denture.

Do not attempt to adjust them yourself as bending or adjusting them yourself could actually make the problem worse and you could end up cracking them in the process. Always use your best judgment if you think your dentures need some attention. Exercise caution at all times.

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