A dental bridge is a permanent tool that restores a missing tooth or teeth. The whole unit includes many pieces that are fused to fit where the teeth were previously placed. Dental bridges are a great substitute for partial dentures. It is both practical and visually pleasing and also helps you to communicate better and restores your teeth appearance.

If you are looking for what types of dental bridge is offered in Taylor, Texas? You are at the right spot. This piece walks you through the basics, types, advantages & disadvantages of dental bridges. Let’s check them out. 

Dental Bridges in Taylor, TX

Types of Dental Bridges Services Offered in Texas 

In dental bridges, pontics are the main element; it is artificial teeth used to fill up the gap. You need to get points for every missing tooth; the shape, size, and shade of the teeth will be close to the missing one. 

Pontics are sealed to the teeth next to the gap or abutment teeth. There are four types of dental bridges. 

Maryland Dental Bridge

This is also referred to as a resin-bonded bridge and is generally used to repair the front teeth. It uses porcelain metal frames instead of a crown. The pontic has a metal framework attached to fix the teeth on either side of the gap. As this setting doesn’t need a crown to keep the tooth in place, the adjacent teeth do not need to be filed. 

This bridge type has its fair share of downsides. The strength of the bridge is dependent on the strength of the resin. So, it might not work if the teeth need to do a lot of biting. Search online dental implants in Taylor Texas, to get detailed information about the procedure. 

Cantilever Bridge 

Cantilever bridges are also used to replace missing teeth. In this bridge type, the pontic is only supported on one side instead of both sides. So, if there is a single natural tooth beside the gap, a bridge can still be insulated. 

During the process, dentists need to file the enamel of adjacent teeth to offer support. As this bridge only supports one side, removing enamel becomes important to prevent major setbacks. The only drawback is that the tooth is not secured from both sides. There are various clinics offering dentistry bridges in Taylor tx; choose the one that suits your needs.

Traditional Fixed Bridge 

This bridge style is the most popular one. These bridges include one or more than one tooth and are fixated with the help of crowns. The dental crowns are also known as abutments and are generally secured onto the teeth adjoining the missing one. 

Traditional bridges work only if you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap. Traditional bridges are a reliable option to replace molars; they are strong enough to keep the tooth in place. However, the only disadvantage is that your dentist needs to file the enamel of the adjacent teeth to prepare it for cementing. 

Implant-supported Bridge 

This type of bridge can be used when you have more than one missing tooth. Instead of a crown, the pontics here are secured by dental implants. 

Generally, one implant is used to fill one gap, and the chain of implants helps the politics to stay in place. These bridges are comfortable to use and are solid, just like natural teeth.  


Met with an accident while hiking, lost a tooth? No worries, look for dentist bridges in Taylor tx, and restore your previous appearance in no time. The bridges are commonly built with gold, porcelain, or alloy; you can choose the material; however, for front teeth, porcelain is highly recommended. As porcelain matches with natural tooth shade.