Most of us have heard of a facelift to improve our appearance as we age. But have you ever heard of a gum lift? If not, you might be surprised and pleased to know that this type of procedure is a relatively easy and painless way to drastically improve the appearance of your smile.

A gum lift – also referred to as a gingivectomy – is a procedure that removes a portion of the gum tissue above the front teeth. This exposes more tooth surfaces and changes what many dentists call a “gummy smile.” A gum lift can resolve other issues too, such as removing gum tissue from only certain teeth so that tooth exposure is consistent across all teeth, and other gum-related problems. Overall, the outcome of a gum lift is an effective way to enhance and brighten a person’s smile.


The good news about a gum lift is that it’s a surprisingly simple procedure thanks to laser technology. The first step involves your dentist administering a local anesthetic to make the gum tissue numb. Then, using a diode laser, your dentist will carefully remove a small portion of the unwanted gum tissue from the tooth surface. The use of a laser means that there is very little bleeding in the procedure, much less discomfort, and the patient will heal faster afterward.


A gum lift is an effective way to treat a variety of dental issues, including:

  • Excess gum tissue
  • A gummy smile
  • Inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Sensitive teeth

In addition to improving the appearance of a gummy smile, laser gum surgery is useful in removing excess gum tissue – typically, a section of the frenulum, or the tissue that connects the tongue and lips to the jawbone. Laser gum surgery can also be used to help prevent the development of gum disease by removing a portion of gum tissue already infected.

Although a gum lift may sound like a cosmetic procedure, there are actually several different uses for state-of-the-art laser gum surgery. If you want more information about this remarkable laser gum surgery technique, ask your dentist. Whether you simply want a more attractive smile or need to correct another issue related to your gums, laser surgery can help. Meet with your dentist. He or she can help determine whether a gum lift is right for you.

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