Tooth loss can be a concerning problem for people in the United States. Statistics suggest that over 178 million Americans have at least one missing tooth and 40 million of the entire population has no natural teeth. In addition, a lost tooth might strain the remaining teeth in your mouth’s surrounding area, and we can’t emphasize it enough. 

Not to forget, missing teeth can also lower your confidence. This is where you could opt for either dental implants or dental bridges to get a natural fix. While dentist bridges in Taylor, TX, are a reliable measure to replace your missing teeth, dental bridges continue to be the best alternative.

However, that’s not all. There’s more to the possibilities of undergoing a dental bridge procedure. Wonder what they are? Let’s find out as we explore more about the ailment in our bridges blog. 

Why Settle For Dental Bridges?

It might be challenging to feel confident daily if your smile has gaps. Not to forget, losing teeth or gaps between them can cause problems in everyday activities like eating and talking. By putting a prosthetic tooth in the gap, a dentist in Taylor, Texas, fills such gaps, making them natural. 

Dental bridge operations provide patients with missing teeth with a solution. This treatment option works by inserting an artificial tooth into the gap and securing it on either side with crowns on neighboring natural teeth or dental implants. 

Benefits Of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have several advantages, which contribute to their widespread usage in restorative dental procedures. Here are some of them:

  • Retain The Natural Shape Of Your Face 

Did you know that your jawbone begins to deteriorate when a tooth is lost? This is because your tooth roots stimulate your jawbone’s cells. It begins to degenerate in the absence of this stimulation. 

The form of your face might be impacted by severe jawbone degradation, which can cause more tooth loss and facial collapse.

  • Improve Chewing Abilities

After losing a tooth, you will find eating your favorite meals challenging or even painful. Teeth next to the open gap may shift toward it, resulting in pain. Additionally, food debris can amass in the gap left by your missing tooth and harm your gums. 

Dentists in Taylor, Texas, advise investing in dental bridge therapy to eliminate pain while eating forever. It shouldn’t be necessary to experience agony while eating routinely. Call the dentist in Taylor, Texas, for tooth restoration immediately to make an appointment.

  • Little To No Intrusiveness

Due to their least invasive nature, dental bridges in Taylor, TX, are frequently preferred by patients over other solutions like dental implants. The insertion of dental implants often necessitates one or more surgical operations. 

You could also need bone transplant surgery if you don’t have enough bone mass for the implant. Dental bridges, on the other hand, can be inserted inside the mouth without medical interventions.

  • Do Not Allow Teeth To Shift

Did you ever realize that the teeth inside your mouth help keep each other in place? Powerful roots under the gum line firmly hold your teeth. As a result, you might find your remaining teeth are beginning to shift into the empty gap after significant tooth loss. 

The best thing you can do to stop teeth from moving is to use dental bridge therapy to repair the gap with an artificial tooth. Unfortunately, too much movement of the teeth causes them to become loose, resulting in more tooth loss.

  • Highly Durable

Both dental crowns and dental bridges are equally durable. They might not be as strong and resilient as natural teeth, but they can last a very long period with proper care. A dental bridge typically lasts ten years. 

Keep in mind that the durability of the bridge depends on the condition of the teeth it supports; thus, maintaining proper dental hygiene is essential if you want the bridges to endure a long time.

  • Fix Speech Issues

Your teeth and gums also give your face structure and support. The lack of support for your tongue with the loss of one or more teeth may also impede your speaking ability. The patient makes the typical hissing sound when speaking if one of the front teeth is missing.

  • Quick Process

Dental bridges are a simple option for replacing a missing tooth. When opposed to receiving a single dental crown, the treatment process is more drawn out. However, the kind and size of the dental bridge often determine how long the procedure takes. Only two appointments should be needed to complete the placement process.


Due to the reasons mentioned above, dental bridges are frequently favored over other dental repairs. However, remember, there are both advantages and disadvantages to dental procedures. 

Scheduling a consultation session with a dentist in Taylor, Texas, is an excellent approach to determining if this restoration suits you. Suppose you have any additional inquiries concerning dental bridges, contact or go to a dentist’s clinic immediately.

Dental Bridges Made Easy At Taylor Dentist

Dental bridges might sound intimidating, but the process is as easy. With professionals at Taylor Dentist and years of experience in dental bridges, you must book an appointment with us and enjoy a dental makeover. Wait no more; book an appointment or call us at 515-352-5577.