Losing your teeth due to your physical age is a common scenario that none of us can avoid. However, even a single tooth loss or impairment before the biological age of over 50 can have adverse effects on one’s life. 

When you start losing teeth at an early age, it can hamper your personal and professional life as you start feeling conscious and lose confidence in yourself. So, what could be the ideal solution to restore your confidence? Fortunately, you can opt for a dental or cosmetic implant done, to help you restore your quality of life. 

This piece guides you through the basics of restorative dentistry and its types to better understand the concept. Let’s get started!  

What is Restorative Dentistry? 

Often referred to as oral rehabilitation, Restorative dentistry is the process that includes the study, diagnosis, and management of diseases that revolve around the teeth. This field specializes in re-structuring lost or broken teeth, making them operational and functional. 

Now that we know what Restorative dentistry is, let’s have a look at the types of treatment involved in the process. 

Types of Treatment Involved in Restorative Dentistry! 

  1. Root canals: According to scientific definitions, a root canal is a therapy also recognized as endodontic therapy. Dental treatment is to discard infection from inside a tooth. This procedure can preserve teeth from future infections. The process of the root canal involves the removal of veins from the pulp of the tooth.
  2. Fillings: Tooth-colored filler provides a natural-looking, safe and effective method for your teeth. Not only this, tooth color filling is adaptable and can be used on many tooth surfaces. These filters make your smile more beautiful
  3. Crown: Over time, our teeth begin to weaken, and teeth have to face problems like cracks, pallor, gaps, and dental crowns can help you with this problem. With the help of dentist dental crowns, you can restore teeth cracks, and gaps and this process can make your teeth better than before.
  4. Bridges:  The dental bridge is a process that restores the space of your missing tooth. The dentist measures the tooth on your jaw and makes it fit and is replaced in place of the missing tooth. Such procedures can help your teeth up and down the gum line. Your dentist may approve one of these procedures during a basic exam. If you start one of these procedures, then you should choose to complete all the procedures immediately. 

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Never take the problems around your teeth lightly! While it might not affect you in the initial stages, not maintaining healthy dental hygiene can be the root cause of immense problems. Stay safe and alert about your dental problems.