If you received a new crown years ago, you’re probably familiar with what that procedure required. The process took place over the course of two visits to the dental office. After the first visit, you had to wear a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth until the permanent crown was ready – usually 10 to 14 days later – and you made your second trip to the dentist office. But thanks to CEREC technology, the procedure involved in getting a new crown is much different than it was before.

CEREC equipment allows your dentist to create your new permanent crown in the dental office while you wait! The process starts with your dentist making a digital image of your tooth. That image is used by the CEREC software to create a 3-D model, and that model is used by your dentist and his staff to create your permanent crown right there in the dentist’s office. After preparing the tooth by removing any existing decay, thoroughly cleaning and sealing it off, your dentist will place the permanent crown – all in a single visit to the dentist office!

Obviously, CEREC technology offers many benefits to both the patient and the dentist:

  • CEREC same-day crowns are just that – same day! That means you’ll only need to visit your dentist office once, making the whole process much less time-consuming and more convenient.
  • CEREC is perfect for simple repairs. If you lose a filling or have a tooth that is only mildly cracked, getting a same-day crown provides an easy solution to a simple problem.
  • You won’t need to wear a temporary crown thanks to CEREC technology. Temporary crowns were often uncomfortable to wear, and patients needed to exercise caution when chewing food while wearing a temporary crown. Thanks to same-day crown technology, temporary crowns are a thing of the past!
  • Because CEREC technology utilizes digital imagery to create your crown, your dentist won’t have to make a messy dental impression.
  • CEREC crowns are made from durable porcelain dental material, which can not only be created to match the shade of your natural teeth – it’s also just as strong as the old-fashioned traditional crowns.

Thinking back on what used to be involved in getting a new crown, it’s remarkable to think of how far dental technology has advanced over the past few years. Now, thanks to CEREC same-day crown technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of a new crown without the hassle or inconvenience. To find out more about this amazing advancement in dentistry, talk to your dentist.

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