Thinking of spending your days without a tooth can make you feel restless. It might even make you underconfident, and thus it requires getting the same-day crowns to seem like the only option.

We are sure that the best feature of your face would be your smile. And, any trouble with that smile might make you feel disgusted. Well, there is nothing to worry about losing a tooth since a dentist in Taylor, Texas, can help you with same-day crowns.

With that said, knowing things one should expect from the dental crown procedure is vital. Therefore, let’s check out the treatment’s definition, pros, and cons, as suggested by experts of the Taylor crown process.  

What Are Same-day Crowns?

Computerized technology has made the process of making same-day crowns possible. Your orthodontist will assess your dental crown type and prepare and shape the teeth.

Your orthodontist will likely use the computer to get an adept impression of your mouth. This impression reaches the office milling machine. Finally, they carve the crown out of the ceramic block. Once the crown is ready, your implant procedure can initiate.

Thus, a same-day crown dentist offers you a chance to restore your damaged or lost tooth.

However, this implant process has several pros and cons. A good Taylor crown dentist will apprise you of these pros and cons before initiating the process.

Pros Of Opting For Same-Day Crowns 

Once you get the same-day dental implant, you will likely experience the following benefits.

Quicker Process 

Waiting for days and weeks to get your dental implant can seem a hassle. Therefore, opting for one day crown is always the best idea.

Opting for this process will save you the trouble of wearing temporary crowns to work.

Efficient and Cost-effective 

There are various dental crown types, including the traditional and same-day. Though the prices of both types are almost similar, the same-day ones are inexpensive.

Also, this implant process is efficient. You wouldn’t have to wait weeks for the crown to infuse with your bone. Thus, it will save you a time of six months and offer instant results.


Contrary to what you may believe, getting the dental crowns the same day might give you a snuggly fit. Besides, they also eradicate the need to get temporary crowns.

This treatment saves you from various uncomfortable processes. For example, placing and extracting teeth can make you feel uneasy.

Offers Protection to the Natural Tooth 

Dentists in Taylor, Texas, say that same-day crowns protect the tooth underneath. The purpose of getting crowns is to protect your smile and avoid decay and damage to your teeth.

These crowns have a permanent nature and thus eliminate the need for any temporary crowns. But, even otherwise, temporary crowns do not do you much good as they can’t protect your teeth from cavities.

There are innumerable benefits of these dental implants. However, there are a few disadvantages of this dental process. 

Disadvantages of Dental Crowns 

Getting the service of a same-day crown dentist might not be the best idea for you. The crown molding teeth process is not suitable for everybody. Traditional dental procedures might be the only best option for some patients.

Has Only Ceramic 

As mentioned, these crowns use ceramic to prepare and start the dental crowns. And ceramic is the most common choice for the milling machine. Thus, it might not be the best pick for you if you prefer metal or porcelain. But, on the other hand, a Taylor crown dentist might tell you that metal or porcelain is the most durable material for dental implants.

Gum Line Fractures 

If there is any damage below the gum line, unfortunately, the computerized image can’t detect it. Thus, if you think you might have a gum line fracture, getting this crown treatment might not be your best option.

Wrapping It Up! 

Dental crowns before and after can leave you with astonishing results. However, getting same-day treatment is not feasible for every patient. Only your dentist can decide whether a dental implant will suit you.

Thus, you can get in touch with your dentist and get his opinion on the implants. This dental process is one of the best for restoring your lost tooth and fixing your smile.

However, before you opt for it, you should keep the advantages and disadvantages of the process in mind.