Are you thinking of getting dental bridges from a Taylor Texas Dentist? You must be extremely worried about the procedure. But we are here to tell you that it’s straightforward and you have absolutely nothing to worry about! It involves an initial consultation, placement of temporary bridges, and an interval of a few weeks, followed by the order of your permanent dental bridges.

Want to know more? Then read on as we explain in detail the various steps involved in the dental bridge procedure! Let’s get started.

Dental Bridge Procedure 

Assessment of Dental Bridges 

The first step of getting dental bridges starts with assessing its need. Determine whether dental bridges are the right restorative dental treatment for you and whether other treatments might be more suitable.

Your dentist will help you figure out whether your teeth can handle dental bridges or need any other form of restorative dentistry. If your dentist says yes, you can schedule the next appointment for teeth preparation and temporary bridge placements. Schedule a consultation to take X-rays of your teeth and jaws. 

Initial Appointment: Preparing Your Teeth and Placing Temporary Bridges 

The initial appointment revolves around your natural teeth. Your dentist will check whether your dental bridges will be able to rest on either side of your damaged teeth gap. Your natural teeth might be shaved a little to accommodate the bridge. 

So, during this appointment, your dentist will apply local anesthesia and file your teeth to fit your dental bridge. They will also take impressions of the newly filed teeth sent to the dental laboratory. These impressions will be used to make a permanent natural-looking dental bridge for your teeth. 

For the time being, you will be given temporary dental bridges. These are mostly made out of filling material and are used to protect your newly filed teeth from damage. These will be replaced by permanent dental bridges later on. 

In some special cases, dentists do recommend getting dental implants. This is required when your teeth gaps are not strong enough for the dental bridges on their own and might need the help of an anchor. 

Final Appointment: Placing of Permanent Dental Bridges 

The second and final appointment during the placement of your dental bridges will take place when your unique set of bridges has arrived at your dentist’s chamber. 

During this appointment, the permanent bridge will replace the temporary one. Local anesthesia might be applied to increase patient comfort, and the underlying teeth will be cleaned before placement. The permanent bridge will then be fixed on your natural ones with the help of dental cement. 

Your dentist will allow you to check your bridge and bite down on it gently to see whether it has properly fitted or not. You will initially feel a lot of discomfort, but this will wear out in the following weeks. 


Thus we can conclude that getting dental bridges in Taylor, TX is not a big deal. So if you are looking for a reliable place to get your dental bridges, you can visit our dental clinic. Check out our website to know more about our renowned dentists!