More folks are adopting a vegan lifestyle because it offers a healthier diet and preserves the lives of animals that vegans feel shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of commerce. These choices are certainly beneficial for the animals but they could lead to an increased risk of cavities in those who practice this way of life.


You may be somewhat familiar with the term but there are varying degrees of eating vegan. For some people, it means refraining from eating meat from a living animal. For others, it also includes the various other products that come from animals, including eggs, dairy, and anything else that is derived from an animal.

Many vegans reject meat and various other protein products in favor of vegetable-based foods and soybean meal products. They feel it provides a healthier diet and saves the lives of animals who live in deplorable conditions.

But while adopting a vegan diet can be advantageous on many levels, your teeth can suffer from this type of diet and develop cavities due to the elements found in meats and related foods that help to prevent tooth decay.


Studies have shown that vegans have a higher proclivity for cavities, gum disease, and other oral conditions because they are missing certain components in the form of amino acids that are useful for working towards reducing the build-up of plaque on teeth. One such amino acid is called arginine and this is found almost exclusively in meats, though some types of beans may have small amounts.

Fruits can also be dangerous to teeth. Many juices from certain fruits and citrus have damaging acids that can harm the enamel on your teeth and promote tooth decay. Some of them are high in natural sugar content which can also contribute to the development of cavities in teeth.


Vegans are already diligent about being selective about the foods they eat. If you would like to pursue this type of diet, seek out foods that are low in acids and contain beneficial amino acids that will work towards breaking down bacteria and plaque on your teeth.

If you do consume fruits high in acid, don’t brush them right away. You will need to wait at least a half hour, as strong acidic ingredients can soften the enamel on your teeth. If you brush right after eating, you risk brushing away the softened enamel from your tooth’s exterior.

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